APFO News Alert

Email the County Council / cc County Executive with your support to pass the APFO bill, CB-1, as it was already voted on November 6th. A timing technicality later invalidated the vote. This reintroduction was supposed to be to correct that technicality.

Our community's research and dedication to show up at each and every legislative meeting over the past 8 months made the difference needed to strengthen APFO. BUT the developers continue to organize and push back! One developer actually wore yellow last night. This was the same developer that consistently insulted us over the summer by calling our community "unhappy people that like to complain about everything" and that we are "acting out of emotion and hysteria". The fact is that we are data driven, have the support of our Board of Education and the PTA Council of Howard County and many community advocacy groups like HARP, The People's Voice, The Sierra Club!

If we want to prevent frequent redistricting, give our county a chance to catch up to its booming student population, BUILD SCHOOLS and support better infrastructure, we need a stronger APFO!

(Make sure to add "CB2" to the title line if you mention exemptions)

Send your email to Councilmail@howardcountymd.gov and Akittleman@howardcountymd.gov

Make sure to add your name and address to be counted. And, if you're in District One (CLES is in district one) please add a note of that in your email. We need Jon Weinstein to maintain his November 6th vote.